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  • 8.7.2024 News

    Bachelor's Graduation Ceremony 2024

    The graduation ceremonies for bachelor's degree graduates at FCHPT STU took place on Thursday, July 4, 2024.

    Among the graduates of bachelor's studies at IAM, the following participated in the graduation ceremony: Bc. Michaela Belušková, B.Sc. Ivana Dukayová, Bc. Jakub Gaborčík and Bc. Marek Horecký.

    Congratulations to all, and we wish you many more success!


  • 1.7.2024 Event

    UIAM at the CHEMSHOW 2024

    On Wednesday, June 26, 2024, the Chemical Fair – CHEMSHOW 2024 took place at the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology (FCHPT). 

    High school students had the opportunity to learn about the use of artificial intelligence in preventing industrial disasters in a lecture by Assoc. Prof. Martin Klaučo, PhD.

    At our booth, visitors could try hands-on control, and students also toured our laboratories, where the intelligent greenhouse VESNA and the industrial automation laboratory garnered significant interest.

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  • 25.6.2024 Event

    IAM at the seminar on Digitization in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

    On June 25, the Association of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry of the Slovak Republic (ZCHFP SR), as one of the founding members of the Slovak Center for Digital Innovations (SCDI), organized the seminar on "Digitization in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry". At the seminar, also the young scientist from IAM delivered their talks:
    Ing. Rastislav Fáber: Revealing industrial information hidden in data,
    Assoc. Prof. Juraj Oravec: Advanced model predictive control for industrial plants,
    Dr. Peter Bakaráč: Integrating IoT into the industrial environment: Potential, applications and use of soft sensors.


  • 24.6.2024 News

    Open access to our new research paper

    We are authors of a new article in the prestigious international scientific Journal of Process Control:

    Lenka Galčíková - Juraj Oravec: Self-tunable approximated explicit MPC: Heat exchanger implementation and analysis

    The paper investigates the possibilities of effective autonomous decision-making rules in the self-tuning of an approximated optimal controller designed for energy-intensive plants.

  • 21.6.2024 Event

    Dissertation Examinations at IAM

    On Friday, June 21, 2024, PhD students Patrik Valábek and Jozef Vargan defended their Dissertation Examination. Congratulations!
    Patrik Valábek defended his thesis on "Machine Learning-Enabled Identification and Control of Chemical and Energy-Intensive Processes" supervised by Assoc. Prof. Martin Klaučo.
    Jozef Vargan defended his thesis on "Data Based Process Control" supervised by Prof. Miroslav Fikar.


  • 18.6.2024 Event

    IAM students defended bachelor theses

    On June 18, IAM students Michaela Belušková, Ivana Dukayová, Marek Horecký, Patrik Neštrák, Teodor Noga, and Jakub Gaborčík, successfully defended their bachelor theses. Congratulations!


  • 14.6.2024 News

    Graduation ceremony of IAM students 2024

    The graduation ceremony of master students at FCHPT STU in Bratislava was on Friday, June 14. IAM students Martin Bíreš, Richard Fodor, Lukáš Lukča, Vanesa Madleňáková (Magna Cum Laude), Olivér Mészáros, Matej Ružička (Magna Cum Laude), and Martina Tomaškovičová were graduated. Congratulations!


  • 13.6.2024 Event

    Outstanding master theses

    On June 13, IAM students Richard Fodor, Lukáš Lukča, Vanesa Madleňáková, Olivér Mészáros, Matej Ružička, and Martina Tomaškovičová were awarded for the outstanding master theses. Congratulations!


  • 11.6.2024 News

    IAM at EPFL

    On March 11-15, our colleague Ing. Kristina Fedorová visited the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. During her visit, she continued joint research with Dr. Yuning Jiang and Associate Professor Colin Jones. She gave a lecture to the members of the Automatic Control Laboratory on the topic "Real-time Parallelizable MPC using Spatio-temporal Splitting".


  • 10.6.2024 Event

    IAM at ESCAPE34 - PSE 24

    On June 2-6, the 34th European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE-34) and the 15th International Symposia on Process Systems Engineering held in Florence, Italy. On behalf of the IAM, the conference was attended by prof. Ing. Miroslav Fikar, DrSc., doc. Ing. Radoslav Paulen, Phd., Ing. Rastislav Fáber, Ing. Jozef Vargan and Ing. Matej Ružička.

    At the conference, our colleagues presented papers:

    Vargan Jozef - Puk Jakub - Ľubušký Karol - Fikar Miroslav: Steady-State Optimality Analysis of MPC Controllers

    Ružička Matej - Helgeland Ingrid - Paulen Radoslav: Modeling and Simulation of a Forward Osmosis Process

    Fáber Rastislav - Mojto Martin - Ľubušký Karol - Paulen Radoslav: From Data to Alarms: Data-Driven Anomaly Detection Techniques in Industrial Settings


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