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  • 19.5.2023 Event

    Meeting of the board of IAM

    On May, 19, an extended meeting of the board of the Institute of Informatization, Automation, and Mathematics was held.


  • 18.5.2023 Event

    WANT-ED: Workshop on Advanced Technologies in Education

    On May 22-24, 2023, the second workshop devoted to the use of advanced technologies in education will take place in room NB 641. Its central idea is to increase the effectiveness of the educational process at universities of technical specialization with the use of available information technologies. The workshop is organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology of the Technical University in Košice.


  • 18.5.2023 Event

    IAM students defended the Vertical Project

    On May, 17 the IAM students presented their results on the Vertical Project integrating the students in the 2nd and 3rd years of the bachelor’s study programme "Process Control". Each team presented the results of the Smart Eco Greenhouse VESNA development. Among other goals, students in the CloudTeam established an effective live stream from the smart greenhouse VESNA to its homepage, and students in the SolarTeam designed their own printed circuit board to integrate the renewable energy source using a solar panel and optimized the associated battery management.


  • 18.5.2023 Event

    IAM na SSCHE 2023

    The 49th International conference of SSCHE 2023 took place in Tatranské Matliare, High Tatras, Slovakia on May 15-18, 2023. Rastislav Fáber, Martin Mojto, and Dr. Radoslav Paulen participated in the conference as representatives of IAM.


  • 3.5.2023 Event

    Process Control 2023 - Technical Programme

    We are proud of the high-quality Technical programme of the Process Control 2023 conference that is already available online at:

  • 28.4.2023 News

    New institute management

    Starting by May, 1, I was nominated by the dean to the position of the director of the Institute for a period of 4 years.

    This change also involves appointment of my two deputies: Ľubka Horanská for education and Martin Klaučo for research. The team is completed with Marián Gall being the institute secretary.

    I am happy to confirm Martin Klaučo to continue as head of the Department of Information Engineering and Process Control. The new head of the Department of Mathematics will be Ľubka Horanská as Zdenko Takáč decided to step down. Zdenko, thank you for your lasting commitment to the department and its quality.

    Last, but not the least, I would like to thank Michal Kvasnica, who served the last term. The times at the institute have never been better and our team will have to work hard to keep it.

    Miroslav Fikar

  • 26.4.2023 IIEAM in media

    IAM on RTVS

    Check the current RTVS report about our new prototype of the ecological smart greenhouse VESNA:


  • 3.4.2023 News

    FrontSeat - Newsletter

    Subscribe to the FrontSeat-Newsletter and get in touch with all of the interesting activities realized within the project aimed to increase the excellence of scientific research at STU, supervised by the universities RUB Bochum in Germany and the University of Pisa in Italy. The first volume of the Newsletter is coming soon, so subscribe now here.

  • 30.3.2023 Event

    Advanced Materials & Processes and Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability

    Professor Miroslav Fikar (STUBA) took part at a workshop entitled “Advanced Materials & Processes and Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability” held in Regensburg, Germany, March 22-23, 2023. Read more in our blog.

  • 27.3.2023 Event

    IAM at the University of Pisa

    On March 20-24, 2023, Rastislav Fáber and Radoslav Paulen participated in an exchange stay at the Faculty of Chemical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Pisa. The exchange stay was conducted as a part of the European project FrontSeat. Read more in the blog.


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