Double Degree
  • 10.10.2010 News

    Awards received by our diploma students

    The diploma thesis of Ivana Rauová was awarded as the best diploma thesis by the Society of chemical and pharmaceutical industries of the Slovak republic.

    Robert Taraba's diploma thesis was awarded as the best thesis of the year 2010 by the refinery Slovnaft, one of the largest industrial entities in Slovakia.

    The diploma thesis of Juraj Oravec was awarded as the best diploma thesis by the Fermas, Ltd.


  • 16.9.2010 News

    Radoslav Paulen receives poster award at PERMEA 2010

    Radoslav Paulen has received poster award at the conference 5th Membrane Science and Technology Conference (PERMEA 2010)  in the competition of PhD students and young scientists..

  • 3.9.2010 Event

    VOCAL 2010 - Veszprém Optimization Conference: Advanced Algorithms

    The Veszprém Optimization Conference: Advanced Algorithms will be held in Veszprém, Hungary, December 13-15, 2010. The VOCAL conference focuses on recent advances on optimization algorithms: continuous and discrete; complexity and convergence properties, high performance optimization software and novel applications are reviewed as well.

  • 7.7.2010 News

    Michal Kvasnica receives the Best Presentation in Session Award on ACC 2010

    Michal Kvasnica has received the "Best Presentation in Session Award" for his talk on "Low-Complexity Polynomial Approximation of Explicit MPC via Linear Programming" on the recent American Control Conference, held between June 30 to July 2, 2010 in Baltimore, MD, USA.

  • 7.6.2010 News

    Congratulations to our new graduates


    absolventi 7.6.2010: Ing. Katarína Bangová, Ing. Mário Briš, Ing. Veronika Csizmadiaová, Ing. Katarína Černá, Ing. Peter Danko, Ing. Radka Doležalová, Ing. Richard Dvoran, Ing. Ján Dzurov, Ing. Soňa Gibaštíková, Ing. Marián Harajdič, Ing. Zuzana Jakubcová, Ing. Martin Kalúz, Ing. Jana Kmeťová, Ing. Ladislav Miklovitz, Ing. Mária Mušáková, Ing. Lýdia Pavúková, Ing. Ivana Rauová, Ing. Ivana Repčíková, Ing. Renáta Švardová, Ing. Eva Turayová, Ing. Lenka Vlková
    absolventi 8.6.2010: Ing. Tibor Kórka, Ing. Jozef Krivák, Ing. Jaroslav Kuzma, Ing. Jozef Merčák, Ing. Pavel Mištec, Ing. Juraj Oravec, Ing. Martin Struhár, Ing. Andrea Szabová, Ing. Erika Szákalová, Ing. Alexander Szücs, Ing. Róbert Taraba
  • 23.3.2010 Scientific seminar

    Minithesis examination

    Radoslav Paulen will present his defence of doctoral minithesis entitled Global Dynamic Optimization of Processes.

  • 22.3.2010 Job offer

    Open positions in PhD study

    Our institute offers PhD study in year 2010/11 in program Proces Control (study field Automation). Applications can be sent until 21.5.2010.

  • 1.3.2010 Scientific seminar

    Optimal and robust control

    On March 12, 2010 at 11 a.m. will be given a lecture by Professor Ján Mikleš. The topic of the lecture is Optimal and Robust Control.

    Place: Department of the Information Engineering and Process Control, Institute of Information Enginnering, Automation and Mathematics, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, room No. 641.

  • 24.2.2010 News

    Replacement of faculty PBX

    Faculty telephone private branch exchange (PBX) will be exchanged between 26.2., 12.00 and 1.3., 15.00. Telephones at the institute will not be available during this time. Moreover, some of the numbers will be removed or replaced afterwards. If needed, use the institute mobile number for the office: ++421 918 674 366.

  • 22.2.2010 Job offer

    Early Stage Researcher

    Position for an Early Stage Researcher with work focus on “Mathematical models for the correlation between mechanical strength and specific load carrying capacity of porous materials” for a period of up to 3 years with the opportunity to carry out a PhD study.

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