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  • 14.11.2023 IIEAM in media

    IAM in the student magazine Radikal

    The student magazine Radikal recently published an interesting interview (in Slovak) with Prof. Miroslav Fikar, the director of UIAM FCHPT STU.


  • 23.10.2023 News

    FrontSeat Newsletter vol.2

    Subscribe to the FrontSeat Newsletter and get in touch with all of the interesting activities realized within the project aimed to increase the excellence of scientific research at STU, supervised by the universities RUB Bochum in Germany and the University of Pisa in Italy. The second volume of the Newsletter is already online, so subscribe now here.

  • 14.10.2023 News

    Open access to our new research article

    We are coauthors of a new paper in the prestigious international scientific journal IEEE Access:

    M. Furka - M. Kalúz - M. Fikar - M. Klaučo: Guidelines for Secure Process Control: Harnessing the Power of Homomorphic Encryption and State Feedback Control

    which is available on the webpage: ieeexplore.ieee.org

  • 11.10.2023 News

    Award of the Rector of STU

    Our colleague Ing. Michaela Horváthová, PhD. was awarded the Award of the rector of the STU for excellent academic results during doctoral studies. This award was received during the ceremony, which took place on 4 October 2023, by three graduates of doctoral studies at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Congratulations and many more successes!


  • 9.10.2023 Event

    FrontSeat Scientific Seminar at the University of Pisa

    We are proud to announce that the FrontSeat Scientific Seminar at the University of Pisa will deliver two interesting lectures presented by recognized speakers Prof. Alberto Bemporad and Dr. Mario Eduardo Villanueva. The seminar will take place at the School of Engineering, Aula Magna Pacinotti on October 12 from 10:30 to 12:30.

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  • 22.9.2023 IIEAM in media

    IAM at ESET Science Award

    Our colleague doc. Ing. MSc. Martin Klaučo, PhD. was nominated among the 5 ESET Science Award 2023 finalists in the category Outstanding Personality of Science under the age of 35. Laureates of the ESET Science Award are selected on the basis of a demanding evaluation process that takes into account the entire complex of criteria, such as the contribution of their scientific and research work to society, scientific performance, measurable scientometric data, participation in the solution of important international research projects, or the visibility of Slovak science and research abroad. The award ceremony will take place on October 12 at 8:10 p.m. viewers can watch it live on RTVS. Congratulations!

    ESET Science Award

  • 11.9.2023 Event

    Annual Meeting IAM

    The annual meeting of IAM was held in Valtice, Czech Republic on September 4-6.


  • 8.9.2023 Event

    Summer University at STU for the High School Students visited IAM

    On September 6, the high school students attending the 13th Summer University at STU visited IAM, where they learned more about industrial process control, automation, and the development of our smart greenhouse.


  • 7.9.2023 Event

    IAM students defended industrial internships

    On September 7, the IAM students presented the interesting results of their summer internships in industry. The following IAM students presented their results: Martin Bíreš, Richard Fodor, Lukáš Lukča, Oliver Mészáros, Matej Ružička, and Martina Tomaškovičová.


  • 6.9.2023 News

    Open access to our new research article

    We are coauthors of a new paper in the prestigious international scientific journal Computers & Chemical Engineering:

    Martin Mojto - Karol Ľubušký - Miroslav Fikar - Radoslav Paulen: Data-Based Design of Multi-Model Inferential Sensors

    The paper presents the design of inferential sensors, incorporating multiple linear models. The state-of-the-art methodology is enhanced to ensure continuous model switching and optimize the labeling of training data. This contribution is a result of our industrial cooperation with the refinery Slovnaft, a.s. in Bratislava, Slovakia. The publisher Elsevier provides open access to new research articles for 50 days to help share the current results.

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