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  • 18.1.2023 Event

    FrontSeat: Academia Meets Industry

    Academia Meets Industry seminars are activities aimed to stimulate discussion between academia and industry managers and practitioners. We believe in the need for the industry to play an active role in this discussion to help to shape the academic research agenda that would reflect their pressing and emerging issues. The first Academia Meets Industry seminar will take place in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of STU in Bratislava on the 28th of February 2023, at 15:00. During the seminar, the FrontSeat project will be presented, and members of the industrial council will be introduced. After that, the discussion and termination of the negotiation will follow.


  • 16.1.2023 Event

    Process Control Project

    On January 16, IAM students presented and discussed the achieved goals in the course "Process Control Project" focused on the development of the Smart Eco Greenhouse VESNA. Several interesting extensions were designed and implemented.


  • 13.1.2023 News

    Process Control 2023: submission deadline extended

    Due to a number of requests, the Organizing Committee of the Process Control 2023 conference has decided to extend the submission deadline for the contributions to January 29, 2023. Contributions can be submitted online via the conference management system. All necessary instructions can be found on the following page:

  • 13.1.2023 Event

    Presentations of the semestral projects at IAM

    On January 13, IAM master students: Martina Bujdáková, Petronela Belková, Martin Bognár, Michal Holub, Zuzana Mošková, Tímea Mészárosová, Filip Okša, Monika Špaková, Patrik Valábek, and Jozef Vargan defended their semestral projects.


  • 12.1.2023 Event

    Presentations of the semestral projects at IAM

    On January 12, IAM bachelor students: Branislav Daráš, Viktória Koncserová, Matúš Krivošík, and Teodor Noga defended their semestral projects.


  • 9.1.2023 IIEAM in media

    IAM in podcast

    Prof. Michal Kvasnica from IAM was a guest in the new part of the podcast series: "A Sense of Industry" (in Slovak: "Zmysel pre priemysel") by ATP JOURNAL. The scope of the podcast was: "The Education and Labor Market". As a part of his talk, Prof. Kvasnica presented also the project FrontSeat.

  • 29.12.2022 IIEAM in media

    SPEKTRUM STU: Kick of Meeting of the project FrontSeat

    SPEKTRUM, the magazine of STU, published an article (in Slovak) dedicated to the Kick of Meeting of the project FrontSeat, see page 7.

  • 5.12.2022 News

    Guest lecture from the industry - Yokogawa

    On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, a guest lecture from industry will take place within the courses "Theory of automatic control" and "Technical means of automation" for students of the cybernetics engineering studies. The lecture will be held at 8:00 a.m. in room NB A601 and the speakers will be Ing. Ladislav Nagy and Ing. Marián Bartal from Yokogawa.

  • 5.12.2022 News

    Dean's Awards

    On December 2, the Dean of FCHPT STU in Bratislava, Professor Anton Gatial, awarded outstanding students. Among them, master's and PhD students from IAM: Matej Ružička, Martina Bujdáková, Patrik Valábek, Samuel Záhorčák, Lenka Galčíková, and Michaela Horváthová. Congratulations!


  • 1.12.2022 News

    New Associate Professor at IAM

    The Rector of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Professor Oliver Moravčík handed over decrees of appointment to new Associate Professors. Among them, Dr Martin Klaučo is a new Associate Professor at IAM. Congratulation!


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