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  • 16.11.2005 News

    E-learning at the Department

    There will be a series of lectures at the department devoted to E-learning held every Thursday at 13:00 in 641.

    The first one on 24.11. will be presented by a Slovak renowned player in the field - Prof. M. Huba from FEI STU.

  • 2.11.2005 News

    Open position for the head of the Institute

    The dean of the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology STU in Bratislava opens a position for the head of newly created Institute of Information Engineering, Control, and Mathematics.

  • 31.8.2005 News

    New bachelors

    Congratulations to new bachelors:
    Martina Bihuňová, Lenka Blahová, Peter Blaňár, Zuzana Borošová, Lenka Čemanová, Peter Dováľ, Margaréta Hladíková, Miroslav Jančík, Eva Juhásová, Tomáš Madzin, Marian Podmajerský, Jolana Vlkanová.
    Ildikó Horváthová, Peter Hunčár, Pavol Marcina, Peter Minarovský.
  • 6.6.2005 News

    New graduates

    Congratulations to our new graduates in the specialisation Process Control:
    Ján Baleja, Peter Borkovič, Peter Burian, Michal Čižniar, Marek Gese, Michal Hisira, Ondrej Palacka, Lucia Pastoreková, Tibor Prček, Katarína Rybárová, Radoslav Valo, Jana Závacká.
  • 15.2.2005 News

    Annual Report of the Department 2004

    The Annual Report 2004 has been added.

  • 15.2.2005 Scientific seminar
  • 20.12.2004 Scientific seminar
  • 4.10.2004 News

    Open positions for PhD students

    Some open PhD positions are available for a short time - until 15.10.04. In our case it is Specialisation 28.30.9 (Chemical Engineering and Process Control).Contact head of the department or see the link.
  • 23.9.2004 Scientific seminar
  • 23.9.2004 Scientific seminar
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