Course unit code:
Course unit title:
Combinatorial methods in chemistry and biochemistry
Mode of completion and Number of ECTS credits:
Class req (2 credits)
Course supervisor:
RNDr. Naďa Krivoňáková, PhD.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
The student has skills in mathematical methods for calculating topological quantities of molecules and other discrete network structures. He/she has experience with methods and tools of real network analysis. He/she understands the interpretation of acquired concepts and knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry, genomics and proteomics.
Prerequisites for registration:
passed Mathematics I (N424M3_4B)
Course contents:
Recommended or required reading:
  • J. Nosek a kol.:Genomika, CreateSpace, 2013
  • N. Trinajstić: Chemical Graph Theory, CRC Press, 1992 (2nd Edition)
  • P. E. C. Compeau a kol.: How to apply de Bruijn graphs to genome assembly, Nature Biotechnology, 29(11), 2011, 987-991
Planned learning activities and teaching methods:
Contact teaching: exercises 26h Contactless teaching: preparation for exercises (12h), preparation of final project (12h)
Assesment methods and criteria:
Two tests during the semester together for 60 points and the project for 40 points. The rating is based on the standard FCHPT scale.
Language of instruction:
Slovak, English
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