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Laboratory of Instrumental Methods in Analysis
Mode of completion and Number of ECTS credits:
Class req (3 credits)
Course contents:
1.Basic principles work in the analytical laboratory . Working with measures of weight and
volume. Preparation of solutions.

2.Optical methods -  
● Molecular absorption spectral analysis in visible and ultraviolet radiation
- spectrophotometric determination of salicylic acid in Acylpyrine
- spectrophotometric determination of iron in mineral water.
- spectrophotometric determination of nitrates in the UV spectrum
- spectrophotometric determination of copper
● Atomic emission spectral analysis
- determination of sodium in water by flame photometry
● Nephelometry
- nefelometric determination of chlorides

3.Electroanalytical methods -
● Voltammetric titration with polarized electrodes
- iodometry with instrumental indication during titration
● Potentiometric titration
- determination of kys. Phosphate titration with sodium hydroxide to II. titration degree.
● Quantitative polarographic analysis
- determination of Zn by the calibration curve method

4.Chromatography techniques -
● Capillary gas chromatography
- identification of substances in an unknown sample using the Kovets index method a practice
work with internal standard
● Reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography
- determination of phenolic compounds in water samples after pre-separation by solid phase
- determination of caffeine in food samples
● Electrophoresis, Thin Film Chromatography
- optimization of separation conditions and identification of synthetic dyestuffs in food

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