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Design and Implementation of Control Algorithms for Plants in Chemical Industry
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Young Researchers
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Other projects
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Michaela Horváthová

With the growing need for ecologically and economically acceptable solutions, industrial plants are developing and adjusting. In addition, the ongoing COVID19 pandemic has shown us the disadvantages of the need for a human factor in the plants in every part of the industry and the impact of staff shortfalls on the plant. In this context, the further development of automation in all industries has great potential. This project deals with the development and laboratory implementation of control algorithms for plants in the chemical industry. Specifically, heat exchangers and chemical reactors, which are located in most of the factories of the chemical industry. Optimal and safe management of these plants is a key indicator of the energy and economic efficiency of their operation. The main goal of this project is to analyze, modify or propose approaches to control the typical plants of the chemical industry. Subsequently, the proposed approaches, based on models and convex optimization, are validated using a laboratory heat exchanger and a chemical reactor. They are validated in order to ensure a wider industrial implementation of these approaches capable of guaranteeing safety and pursuing the economic and environmental goals of the chemical operation.



  1. M. HorváthováL. GalčíkováJ. Oravec: Control Design for a Nonlinear Reactors-Separator Plant. In 2022 Cybernetics & Informatics (K&I), pp. 1–6, 2022.


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