Title of the project:
VESNA HACKATHON - face the climate change by smart micro-range organic farming
Grant scheme:
IFAC Activity Fund
Project type:
Other projects
Project duration (start):
Project duration (end):
Principal investigator:
Juraj Oravec
Peter Bakaráč, Diana Dzurková, Kristína Fedorová, Matúš Furka, Lenka Galčíková, Michaela Horváthová, Roman Kohút

This project aims to organize the VESNA HACKATHON for students.
The category of this application is primarily focused to organize the student competition. The main challenge is to carry out innovative solutions to the current global change---the micro-range sustainable organic farming provided by smart technologies.
Simultaneously, the goal of the VESNA HACKATHON event is to develop and promote the community of the student in the field of automation and process control with a special focus on environmental sustainability.


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