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Title of the project:
Economically Efficient Predictive Control of Microgrids
Grant scheme:
Project type:
VEGA Research Projects
Project duration (start):
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Principal investigator for STU:
Michal Kvasnica
Deputy investigator:
Martin Klaučo
Tereza Ábelová, Peter Bakaráč, Kristína Fedorová, Matúš Furka, Karol Kiš, Roman Kohút, Amirhosein Mosavi

The content of the project, which falls into the scientific field of automation, is basic research in the development of a comprehensive concept of design, synthesis and implementation of an automated system for cost-effective management of local power systems (microgrids) where own consumption is partially or completely covered by own production sources (often renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines), supplemented by energy storage systems and rotating assets. The proposed system will ensure the optimal utilization of individual assets so that the economy of operation is maximized and adverse effects on the environment are minimized. The main advantage of the proposed solution compared to the existing approaches is the integrity and conceptuality of the entire system, where the individual modules communicate with each other and increase the economic profitability of the entire system through a synergistic effect.


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