Title of the project:
Building Optimal-Control-Oriented Software Tool
Grant scheme:
VAIA: Fellowships for excellent researchers R2-R4
Project type:
Operating programs
Project duration (start):
Project duration (end):
Principal investigator:
Juraj Oravec
Lenka Galčíková, Erika Pavlovičová

The research project BOOST addresses critical challenges in process control, focusing on real-time optimal control methods and their efficient open-source software implementation. It targets the necessity for fast and reliable evaluation of near-optimal control actions, especially in safety-critical scenarios. This approach considers developing a distributed optimization-based method. The goal is to develop novel control methods and open-source software tools, contributing to safer, more efficient, and environmentally conscious process control. Additionally, we prioritize a resource-conscious approach, minimizing the energy consumption on both the plant and controller sides. Beyond research, the project supports the scientific careers of participants. We emphasize research excellence through impactful research, prestigious journal publications, and top conference presentations. We also mentor students in the project, supporting the growth of the next generation of researchers.


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