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STU Stevek 2
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Improved Slotting in IC automation design
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Other projects
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Grant: Internal Grant of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Date: 2014

Abstract: In this project we address slotting problem in integrated circuit automation design for top-layer metals.

An integrating circuit production technology consists of many manufacturing steps - optical exposure, resist development, chemical vapor deposition and chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) - have different influences on local characteristics of the layout. To keep these effects uniform and predictable the layout must be made uniform to certain density parameters. It is possible to achieve this uniformity by insertion (filling) or partial deletion (slotting) of shapes in a layout.

We propose to design slotting algorithm by means of multi-parametric programming. We focus on optimization problem for convex shapes of metal layers. Constraints of the problem will reflect restrictions of the production technology and limitation of the implementation environment. The solution should exhibit simple implementation and guarantees results in a real-time.

Objectives: A challenge is to design a slotting algorithm that offers solutions in a real time while satisfying all technology restrictions. Moreover algorithm has to respect limits of an implementation scripting language.

  • complexity reduction
  • use of optimization approaches for simplifying multi-parametric solution that were developed within project VEGA 1/0095/11

Principal researcher: Juraj Števek



  1. J. Števek – M. KvasnicaM. Fikar – A. Vrbický: An Application of Multi-parametric Programming in Integrated Circuit Automation (Slotting Problem). In Preprints of the 19th IFAC World Congress Cape Town (South Africa) August 24 - August 29, 2014, pp. 10275–10280, 2014.


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