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Safe Optimal Control of Technological Processes
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Other projects
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Grant: Internal Grant of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Date: 2015-2016

Abstract:The project is aimed to extend the posibilities of safe optimal control design for a wide class of technological processes. The project implements the advanced optimization techniques to design the safe and economically effective control algorithm. The quality of the control performance is evaluated subject to the safety crietria, input costs, and energy demands. The unnegliable quality criterion is also the overall computational effort that is minimized. Particular goals of the project are the software tools freely avaiable by Inernet.

Objectives: Main objectives of the project involve solving these particular tasks:

  • conservativeness reduction of safe and robust model predictive control (MPC),
  • design of the advanced safe and robust MPC of uncertain multiple-input and multiple-output systems subject to input and output constraints,
  • safe and optimal control design using the analytical and numerical solution of dynamic optimization,
  • implementation of safe and optimal control designed by the means of explicit MPC using the hardware of limited memory and CPU,
  • development fo the software tool for generation of advanced safe optimal control algorithm,
  • further development of the software package for modeling and robust MPC of the processes of chemical and food technologies,
  • implementation and validation of the designed approaches using the simulatio of control and control of the real processes.


  • Ing. Juraj Oravec, PhD. (principal researcher), 
  • Ing. Juraj Holaza,
  • Ing. Martin Jelemenský,
  • Ing. Bálint Takács.


The authors would like to thank for financial assistance from the STU Grant scheme for Support of Excellent Teams of Young Researchers.



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