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Implementation of explicit model predictive control for the chemical-technological processes
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Grant: STU Grant scheme for Support of Young Researchers

Date: 2016

Annotation: The project aims to explore possibilities of explicit model predictive control and find solutions suitable for practical implementation in standard industrial control platforms, which have their memory and computational resources strictly limited. Particularly, this project focuses on controlling pH in a real chemical reactor.

Control of pH comes between current issue, which is mainly used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. However, control of pH is not an  easy  task. Here one need to deal with a strong nonlinearity between the relation of pH and acid/base concentration. Another important aspect is to provide a well-performing controller which meets the strict limitations of the industrial control hardware, such as programmable logic device PLC.

Responsible person: Juraj Holaza



  1. M. KalúzJ. Holaza – F. Janeček – S. Blažek – M. Kvasnica: A Robotic Traffic Simulator for Teaching of Advanced Control Methods. In Preprints of the 11th IFAC Symposium on Advances in Control Education, vol. 11, pp. 338–343, 2016.


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