Project number:
ITMS: 13120120287
Title of the project:
Preparation of university teachers for ICT in education
Project type:
European Social Funds
Project duration (start):
Project duration (end):
Principal investigator for FCFT:
Miroslav Fikar
Monika Bakošová, Ľuboš Čirka, Tomáš Hirmajer, Anna Vasičkaninová

ESF - JPD BA Target 3-2005/NP1-018, project code 13120120287


1.11.2006 – 30.11.2008


  • Institute of Control and Industrial Informatics, FEI STU, Ing. Žáková (coordinator)
  • Department of Information Engineering and Process Control, IIEAM FCFT STU, doc. Fikar
  • MtF STU, doc. Schreiber

Project aims

  • To improve quality of university teachers in Slovakia via two mirror projects.
  • To provide ECDL certificate of university teachers in presence and distance learning using new elearning technologies so that they will be able to modernise teaching process.
  • Later, to provide such possibility to a wider community to improve qualification structure in Slovakia.
  • To increase skills of university teachers in e-learning with focus on LMS systems and pedagogical aspects of modern education.
  • To create a permanent consultancy services and help desks in ICT.


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