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VEGA 1/0614/18
Title of the project:
Generalized theory of aggregation and its applications
Project type:
VEGA Research Projects
Project duration (start):
Project duration (end):

Period: 1.1.2018 - 31.12.2020

Principal investigator: Anna Kolesárová

Scientific co-workers: Zdenko Takáč, Ľubomíra Horanská, Peter Viceník, Martin Nehéz

Goals: The aim of the project is not only to bring a deeper knowledge of aggregation functions in their standard framework of real-valued intervals – primarily proposals of new construction methods, definitions of new properties of aggregation functions and construction of aggregation functions with the introduced properties, but also to extend/generalize the notion of aggregation functions allowing processing data represented by real values or by fuzzy sets and their generalizations, for example, by interval-valued fuzzy sets, type-2 fuzzy sets or, in general, by elements of lattices, and to develop the basis of the theory of generalized aggregation functions. The project will also deal with construction and possible applications of some generalized aggregation functions (fusion functions) defined on real scales, and on particular or general lattice structures as well. The aims of the project also include implementation of some theoretical results in real applications, primarily in image processing.

Keywords:Aggregation function, information fusion, uncertainty modelling.

Annotation:The project is focused on a deeper investigation of standard aggregation functions on real-valued scales, with the emphasis on the proposals of new construction methods and introducing new types of aggregation functions, including the proposals for extending/generalizing the notion of aggregation functions, and on developing the theory of generalized aggregation functions and their applications. The attention is also devoted to aggregation on lattice structures.



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