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Safe process control focused on energy and cost savings
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Young Researchers
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Other projects
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Michaela Horváthová



              Heat exchangers and chemical reactors are present in almost every industrial production.At present, the control of heat exchangers and chemical reactors does not meet energy standards of the 21st century.Therefore,  of the areaswith a high potential for energy savings in industry, is the design of  optimal and safe control of heat exchangers and chemical reactors. The main goal of this project is to derive, apply and analyze effective advanced methods to control these energy-intensive processes with regard to safety, energy savings and costs. These advanced control methods will be based on convex optimization. Another goal is to reduce computational complexity over conventional advanced control methods, to increase their applicability in industry.  When applied, these new advanced methods will bring significant energy and cost savings. Energy efficiency is a key role in achieving greater objectives, including a healthy economy and sustainable industrial development. Minimizing energy waste is a fundamental pillar in achieving these objectives. Reducing the energy consumption of a technological process also results in a reduction of negative impacts on the environment.



  1. M. HorváthováJ. Oravec – M. Bakošová: Real-Time Convex-lifting-based Robust Control Using Approximated Control Law. In 59th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, vol. 59, pp. 2160–2165, 2020.


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