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Full-Authority Vehicle Control Strategy
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Dunajská stratégia 2019
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Martin Klaučo
Karol Kiš, Michal Kvasnica

Joining their research backgrounds, the three involved research institutes will collaborate and exchange on developing and applying nonlinear optimal control methods (nonlinear model-predictive control formulations, estimation problems, parameter identification problems) to industrial application settings in the area of vehicle dynamics. Control tasks that have not been feasible before (e.g., highly-integrated nonlinear drive train optimization) seem feasible by extending and applying nonlinear explicit model-predictive control tools. When successful, these tools allow complex, nonlinear, constraint optimal control to be computed fast enough for realtime control on cheap hardware.



  1. D. Efremov – T. Haniš – M. Klaučo: Haptic Driver Guidance for Lateral Driving Envelope Protection Using Model Predictive Control. V IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, IEEE Xplore, Las Vegas, NV, USA, USA, 2021.
  2. K. KišM. KlaučoM. Kvasnica: Explicit MPC in the form of Sparse Neural Networks. Editor(i): R. Paulen and M. Fikar, V Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Process Control, IEEE, Slovak University of Technology, str. 163–168, 2021.


Zodpovednosť za obsah: Ing. MSc. Martin Klaučo, PhD.
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