On January 16, IAM students presented and discussed the achieved goals in the course "Process Control Project" focused on the development of the Smart Eco Greenhouse VESNA. Several interesting extensions were designed and implemented.


CoreTeam modelled and 3D printed a separate smart irrigation unit. The students also designed a new sensor board to monitor the properties of an internal environment.

SmartTeam reviewed and extended the code for autonomous control and managing the notifications sent to the user. The students also designed a machine-learning-based sensor using the neural network dedicated to anomaly detection.

AppTeam improved the web-based interface and the remote control framework. The students also integrated a live stream and time-laps into the greenhouse.

Besides the scientific goals, the project develops students' soft skills such as teamwork, time- and task management, and presentation skills. The students also proposed further interesting ideas on how to continue the development of the project.

The project is supported by The Tatra Bank Foundation.

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