On July 9-14, we joined the 22nd World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), Yokohama, Japan. We presented 4 research papers to a worldwide audience.


Martin Mojto - Karol Ľubušký - Miroslav Fikar - Radoslav Paulen: Design of Multi-Model Linear Inferential Sensors with SVM-based Switching Logic
(presented by Martin Mojto)

Miroslav Fikar - Karol Kiš - Martin Klaučo - Martin Moennigmann: Simple Tuning of Arbitrary Controllers Using Governors
(presented by Prof. Miroslav Fikar)

Tereza Ábelová - Roman Kohút - Kristína Fedorová - Michal Kvasnica: Risk-Aware Stochastic Energy Management of Microgrid with Battery Storage and Renewables
(presented by Tereza Ábelová)

Juraj Oravec - Peter Bakaráč - Erika Pavlovičová - Miroslav Fikar: Smart Eco Greenhouse VESNA
(presented by Erika Pavlovičová)

Prof. Miroslav Fikar participated at the IFAC General Assembly meeting representing Slovakia.

Dr. Peter Bakaráč was also a Chairman of the regular session on "Control Education Using Laboratory Equipment".

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