On May, 27 the IAM students presented their results on the Vertical Project integrating the students in the 2nd and 3rd years of the bachelor’s study programme "Process Control". Each team presented the results of the Smart Eco Greenhouse VESNA development. Among other goals, students in the SmartTeam identified the parameters of the greenhouse model using the extensive set of experimentally collected data. Using these data, the students designed and implemented a closed-loop controller for the internal environment of a greenhouse. Students in the MeteoTeam designed their weather station to be installed next to the solar panel of VESNA. Students also designed a printed circuit board to manage the communication of the weather station with the cloud service. Except for scientific goals, the project develops students' soft skills such as teamwork, time- and task management, and presentation skills. The students also proposed further interesting ideas on how to continue the development of the project.


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