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We would like to invite you to 20th International trade fair of electrical engineering, electronics, energy and telecommunications ELOSYS 2014, which will be organized between 14th and 17th October 2014 in the exhibition area EXPO CENTER Trencin.


The expo is from 14th to 17th October but exact date is:


Richard Valo,


Possible ways of transport to expo:
By car: parking fee 4 €

Everybody wishing to go by train -   The meeting point will be at the main train station in the main hall at 7:20. The train will leave the station

at 7:53.


Travel expenses (to and fro) Total distance is 124 km + 124 km.

With student discount(isic or sic card): 6.22
For adults with discounts(rail plus): 9:34

For adults without discount: 12:44

Tickets to enter expo are already arranged (courtesy: three companies below) so no need for any student to buy expo admission/entrance tickets.

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Travel plan:

7:20 The first gathering - Central Station - Hall
7:40 Move to platform for train no. R 603ingov)
7:53 is the train's departure time 
9:19 Trenčín - Train Station
9:36 ELOSYS Exhibition 2014
12:00 Lunch in the exhibition area or in the city (as you wish).

13:30 Trencin Castle (if you want to!)

Return connections from Trenčín to Bratislava train station:
14:40 - R 606 (SHOPPIE.SK)
16:37 - R 608 (Spišan)
18:37 - R 610 (Považan)
20:37 - R 612 (OKAY ELEKTRO)

Further information on the website of the organizer:

Facebook / Youtube

Facebook / Youtube