Dňa 24.10.2014 sa o 11:00 v miestnosti 641 uskutoční odborný seminár prof. Pedra Rodriguez-Ayerbeho zo École supérieure d'électricité, Paríž na tému "Explicit robustness margins for discrete-time linear systems with PWA control"

Speaker: prof. Pedro Rodriguez-Ayerbe (SUPELEC France)


Title: Explicit robustness margins for discrete-time linear systems with PWA control



We consider the class of discrete-time linear dynamics in closed loop with a piecewise affine control law defined over a bounded region of the state space X. Given a polytopic uncertainty on the nominal model of the system, the objective is to describe the largest subset of this parametric uncertainty for which the positive invariance of the set X is guaranteed with respect to the closed loop dynamics. This subset describes in fact a robust invariance margin which represents in general terms an important element in the study of the robust stability of any piecewise affine dynamics. It is shown that the necessary and sufficient conditions for  set inclusion lead to convex formulations of the robustness margin.

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