V piatok 14.10.2016 o 9:00 sa v miestnosti 641 uskutoční odborný seminár pod vedením Yuning Jiang zo ShanghaiTech University na tému "Distributed optimization and control with ALADIN".

Speaker: Yuning Jiang - PhD-student supervised by Professor Boris Houska at ShanghaiTech University


Distributed optimization and control with ALADIN


Structured nonlinear optimization problems arise in a variety of control applications ranging from nonlinear model predictive control via robust control for uncertain processes to distributed nonlinear control of hybrid systems. Recently, the Augmented Lagrangian based Alternating Direction Inexact Newton (ALADIN) method has been proposed to solve non-convex distributed optimization problems to local optimality. After reviewing the main idea of ALADIN, this talk focusses on three applications. The first one is about a real-time variant of ALADIN, which can be used to solve nonlinear model predictive control problems with long horizons. The performance of this real-time variant of ALADIN is illustrated by applying it to a continuously stirred tank reactor. The second application is about coordinating autonomous vehicles at traffic intersections. Finally, the third application of ALADIN in the field stochastic robust control is introduced, where an ensemble of uncertainty scenarios is optimized.

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