V piatok 22.09.2017 o 09:00 sa v miestnosti 641 uskutoční odborný seminár pod vedením profesora Sergia Luciu z TU Berlin na tému Towards modular and scalable predictive control.

Abstrakt (EN): We consider the problem of finding scalable and modular methods for the control of interconnected systems that are composed of several physically coupled subsystems and should satisfy coupled constraints. To achieve modularization of the analysis and design of such control methods, we propose the use of a contract-based strategy for distributed and hierarchical model predictive control. Modularization is achieved by the exchange of contracts, which are corridors of future possible trajectories of each subsystem's variables of interest. The use of contracts makes the design and control of large systems of systems scalable and flexible, providing a common framework for distributed and hierarchical control, where other subsystems can autonomously join or leave the current system. The possibilities of the approach are illustrated with a building control example.  Future work will consider the use of stochastic contracts. First ideas in this direction will be presented in the second part of the talk, which will focus on stochastic model predictive control based on polynomial chaos expansions.

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