On Friday, March 9, IAM hosted the scientific seminar on "Reliable and Real-time Feasible Estimation and Control of Chemical Plants" related to our cooperation project with the research group of Professor Sebastian Engell (Technical University of Dortmund, Germany).


Professor Miroslav Fikar and Professor Sebastian Engell introduced the main research activities of both research groups.

Afag Ahmad (TU Dortmund) presented the results on "Real-Time Optimization in the Presence of Uncertainty - Addressing Model Inadequacy via Effective Model Adaptation".

Sakthi Thangavel (TU Dortmund) gave a talk on "Robust control in the presence of structural plant-model mismatch using model-error model in a multi-stage framework".

Juraj Oravec (STU Bratislava) presented the results of the cooperation with ShanghaiTech University on "Parallel Explicit MPC for Hardware with Limited Memory".

Radoslav Paulen (STU Bratislava) presented the results on "Dynamic Real-time Optimization of Batch Membrane Processes using Pontryagin's Minimum Principle".

Martin Kalúz (STU Bratislava) delivered a talk on "Flexy: An Open-source Device for Control Education".

Juraj Holaza (STU Bratislava) gave a talk on "Solution Techniques for Multi-Layer MPC-Based Control Strategies"

Martin Klauco (STU Bratislava) presented the results on "MPC-based Reference Governor for Relay-Based Systems".

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