On Friday, March 8, 2019, Professor Andreas Kugi (TU Vienna, Austria) gave a lecture on "Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Process Control for Industrial Applications in the Steel Industry".On Friday, March 8, 2019, at 10:30 in room no. 641, Professor Andreas Kugi (TU Vienna, Austria) will give a lecture on "Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Process Control for Industrial Applications in the Steel Industry".

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ABSTRACT: In the last years, the steel industry has been confronted with an increased competition demanding for new and better products, more diversified product portfolios, tighter quality tolerances, minimized production costs, increased energy efficiency, as well as reduced waste and environmental impact under volatile energy and raw material prices. Advanced process control and automation are important value drivers to improve the production capabilities, the reliability, the sustainability, the flexibility, and the efficiency of many production processes in the steel industry. These processes feature many challenging properties for control engineers: nonlinearities, MIMO, different time scales, transport delays, strong parameter variations, scarcity of measurements, rough environmental conditions, etc. In this context, the development of tailored mathematical models plays an important role. These models should be real-time capable and should capture the essential dynamics and nonlinearities of the respective process. Moreover, they often serve as the basis for the controller design, where special emphasis is placed on nonlinear feedforward concepts and optimization based controllers. In this presentation, we will give some selected industrial applications from steel industry with a special focus on the interplay between the control theoretic background and the practical implementation.

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