Recommended thesis template:

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Tips & Tricks for writing the final thesis

10-rule quality checklist

  1. divide your thesis into chapters and sections,
  2. if a chapter (section) is further divided into sub-sections, you must include at least two of them,
  3. each chapter (section) must always start and end with a text, chapter (section) cannot start nor end with equations, table, or figure
  4. do-not-repeat-yourself, always reference what you have written before,
  5. each equation, even chemical equation, must be numbered,
  6. each equation must be referenced in the text, but not before it was actually stated,
  7. each figure must have a number and a caption, below the figure, and it must be referenced in the text, remember that it may appear on a different page that you intended, but it should not appearoutside of the chapter,
  8. same rules as for figures apply for tables except, the caption of the table is above the table,
  9. figures and tables must be centered,
  10. do not mix theory and results (case studies) in one chapter (section).

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