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Last 20 inserted publications

  1. M. WadingerM. Kvasnica: Real-Time Outlier Detection with Dynamic Process Limits. 2023.   arXiv
  2. P. Drábek – M. Langerová: ON THE SECOND ORDER EQUATIONS WITH NONLINEAR IMPULSES. FREDHOLM ALTERNATIVE TYPE RESULTS. Topological methods in nonlinear analysis, no. 1, vol. 44, pp. 249–261, 2014.
  3. M. Wadinger: Story of Solar Panel no. 1.6.7 - Practical approach to anomaly detection. Student scientific work, IIAM FCFT STU in Bratislava, Radlinského 9, 812 37 Bratislava, 2021.
  4. N. Krivoňáková – D. Kordík – Z. Takáč: Assessment of performance and uncertainty in qualitative chemical analysis (in Slovak). Editor(s): Hrouzková Svetlana, Hroboňová Katarína, Čirka L’uboš, Špánik Ivan, In Súčasný stav a perspektívy analytickej chémie v praxi, SPEKTRUM STU, pp. 15–15, 2022.
  5. Š. Gyurki – P. Jánoš: On the automorphisms of a family of small q-regular graphs of girth 8. The Art of Discrete and Applied Mathematics, no. 1, vol. 6, 2023.
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  14. On the second order periodic problem at resonance with impulses. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, no. 2, vol. 428, pp. 1339–1353, 2015.
  15. M. Malček – K. Čermáková – P. Rapta – M. Gall – L. Bučinský: Tailoring the hydrogen storage performance of the Cr-, Mn-, and Fe-doped circumcoronenes by the presence of N and B co-dopants: Computational study. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, no. 47, vol. 81, 2022.
  16. M. Jablonský – M. Štekláč – V. Majová – M. Gall – J. Matúška – M. Pitoňák – L. Bučinský: Molecular docking and machine learning affinity prediction of compounds identified upon softwood bark extraction to the main protease of the SARS-CoV-2 virus Slovenský názov:. Biophysical Chemistry, no. 106854, vol. 288, 2022.
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  18. L. Bučinský – D. Bortňák – M. Gall – J. Matúška – V. Milata – M. Pitoňák – M. Štekláč – D. Végh – D. Zajaček: Machine learning prediction of 3CL(pro) SARS-CoV-2 docking scores. Computational Biology and Chemistry, no. 107656, vol. 98, 2022.
  19. D. Efremov – M. Klaučo – T. Haniš: Driving Envelope: On Vehicle Stability Through Tire Capacities. In IEEE INTELLIGENT VEHICLES SYMPOSIUM, IEEE, pp. 1188–1193, 2022.
  20. P. Viceník: A note on generators of t-norms. BUSEFAL, no. 75, pp. 33–38, 1998.
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