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Last 20 inserted publications

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  5. T. Das – S. – M. Waseem Naikoo – S. Talukdar – A. Parvez – A. Rahman – S. Pal – M. S. Asgher – A. R. M. Towfiqul Islam – A. Mosavi: Analysing Process and Probability of Built-Up Expansion Using Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic in English Bazar, West Bengal. Remote Sensing, no. 10, vol. 14, 2022.
  6. A. Rahman – S. Abbas – M. Gollapalli – R. Ahmed – S. Aftab – M. Ahmad – M. Adnan Khan – A. Mosavi: Rainfall Prediction System Using Machine Learning Fusion for Smart Cities. Sensors, no. 9, vol. 22, 2022.
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  8. A. R. M. Towfiqul Islam – S. Talukdar – S. Akhter – K. U. Eibek, Md. – M. Rahman – S. Pal – M. W. Naikoo – A. Rahman – A. Mosavi: Assessing the Impact of the Farakka Barrage on Hydrological Alteration in the Padma River with Future Insight. Sustainability, no. 9, vol. 14, 2022.
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  11. W. Chen – D. Sharifrazi – G. Liang – S. S. Band – K. W. Chau – A. Mosavi: Accurate discharge coefficient prediction of streamlined weirs by coupling linear regression and deep convolutional gated recurrent unit. Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics, no. 1, vol. 16, 2022.
  12. G. Zhang – S. M. Bateni – C. Jun – H. Khoshkam – B. S. Shahab – A. Mosavi: Feasibility of Random Forest and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines for Predicting Long-Term Mean Monthly Dew Point Temperature. Frontiers in Environmental Science, vol. 10, 2022.
  13. S. Liu – D. Bahrami – R. Kalbasi – M. Jahangiri – Y. Lu – X. Yang – S. S. Band – K. Chau – A. Mosavi: Efficacy of applying discontinuous boundary condition on the heat transfer and entropy generation through a slip microchannel equipped with nanofluid. Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics, no. 1, vol. 16, 2022.
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  15. S. K. Sarkar – S. Bin Ansar – K. M. Mohiuddin Ekram – M. H. Khan – S. Talukdar – M. W. Naikoo – A. R. T. Islam – A. Rahman – A. Mosavi: Developing Robust Flood Susceptibility Model with Small Numbers of Parameters in Highly Fertile Regions of Northwest Bangladesh for Sustainable Flood and Agriculture Management. Sustainability, no. 7, vol. 14, 2022.
  16. H. Karami – Y. DadrasAjirlou – C. Jun – S. M. Bateni – S. S. Band – A. Mosavi – M. Moslehpour – K. Chau: A Novel Approach for Estimation of Sediment Load in Dam Reservoir With Hybrid Intelligent Algorithms. Frontiers in Environmental Science, vol. 10, 2022.
  17. S. Ardabili – L. Abdolalizadeh – C. Mako – B. Torok – A. Mosavi: Systematic Review of Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Building Energy. Frontiers in Energy Research, vol. 10, 2022.
  18. S. Jamil – W. Farooq – N. Ullah – A. Daud Khan – U. K. K. – A. Mosavi: Large electromagnetic field enhancement in plasmonic nanoellipse for tunable spaser based applications. PLoS ONE, no. 3, vol. 17, 2022.
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  20. N. H. Sor – T. K. Mohammed Ali – K. S. Vali – H. U. Ahmed – R. H. Faraj – N. Bheel – A. Mosavi: The behavior of sustainable self-compacting concrete reinforced with low-density waste Polyethylene fiber. Materials Research Express, vol. 9, 2022.
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