Doctoral study programme: Process Control (study branch Automation)

A graduate of the doctoral study program Process Control at FCFT STU represents a highly qualified expert with unique knowledge and skills reflecting modern trends in advanced control, automation, optimization, modeling in the process industry, informatization and digitization. During the study, the doctoral student engages in innovative project solutions to real technical problems, while gaining advanced knowledge and experience in the field of soft skills (management and planning of work in an international team, technical communication, presentation of results, work with supporting software). He/she is able to carry out independent and creative work, design technological innovations and next-gen solutions. He/she also possesses invaluable contacts within the global scientific, research and innovation community, with industry practitioners and employers. The result is a highly sought-after researcher, a graduate of the 3rd degree of study with applicability in the global labor market.

prof. Ing. Miroslav Fikar, DrSc.
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Process Control
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