Latifi, M. A., Corriou, J.-P., Fikar, M.: Dynamic optimisation of chemical processes. Trends in Chemical Engineering, 4, 189-201, 1998.

In this paper, three dynamic optimisation problems involving three different processes, i.e. a batch electrochemical reactor, a continuous distillation column, a batch copolymerisation reactor, have been considered. Each of the problems has been handled by means of a specific optimisation method belonging to one of the three main dynamic optimisation method categories. The classification of optimisation menthods is based on the degree of approximation of both state and control variables. Thus, a continuous/continuous method has been used for the electrochemical reactor, a continuous/approximated method for the distillation column and an approximated/approximated method for the copolymerisation reactor. Control vector parametrisation (CVP) method which belongs to continuous/approximated category was found to be the most appropriate method to successfully handle any dynamic optimisation problem in the area of Chemical Engineering.