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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Process Control and Automation
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Martin Kalúz, Michal Kvasnica

Funding: Postdoc research stays at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Duration: 2017-2019

Principal investigator: doc. Ing. Michal Kvasnica, PhD.

Job offer: listed here

Project description:
The aim of the project is to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to synthesize control systems composed of three components: an inference mechanism, a process model, and a control strategy. The task of the inference mechanism is to deduce values of unmeasured parameters and process values from known measured signals. Subsequently, the inferred values are utilized by the process model to predict the future evolution of the controlled plant. Finally, the aim of the control strategy is to deduce optimal control actions based on the process model. The implementation of these blocks will be based on, respectively, machine learning techniques (SVM, PCA, etc.), deep neural networks, and model predictive control. The objective of the project is to extend existing machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to systems that combine continuous dynamics with discrete logic (known as hybrid systems), to combine the methods in a systematic manner, and to implement developed algorithms in the form of open-source software packages.



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