We are proud to announce that we are co-authors of 9 papers that will be presented at IFAC World Congress 2020 in Berlin. Moreover, we are co-organisers of 2 Invited Sessions and 1 Workshop

Invited Sessions:

Sharad Bhartiya - Michal Kvasnica - Martin Monnigmann: Recent Progress in Explicit MPC Methods

Radoslav Paulen - Boris Houska - Mario Eduardo Villanueva - Ali Mesbah - Sebastian Engell: Advances in Stochastic and Set Based Control and Estimation


Radoslav Paulen - Mario Eduardo Villanueva - Benoit Chachuat: Set-based methods in estimation and control


Martin Kalúz - Ľuboš Čirka - Miroslav Fikar: ELab: A Lightweight SCADA System for Control Engineering Research and Education

Juraj Holaza - Juraj Oravec - Michal Kvasnica - Raphael Dyrska - Martin Monnigmann - Miroslav Fikar: Accelerating Explicit Model Predictive Control by Constraint Sorting

Liang Lu - Michal Kvasnica: Low-complexity stabilizing PWA controllers for linear systems with parametric uncertainties

Yannik Löhr - Martin Klauco - Miroslav Fikar - Martin Monnigmann: Machine Learning Assisted Solutions of Mixed Integer MPC on Embedded Platforms

Anwesh Reddy Gottu Mukkula - Petra Valiauga - Miroslav Fikar - Radoslav Paulen - Sebastian Engell: Experimental Real Time Optimization of a Continuous Membrane Separation Plant

Radoslav Paulen - Lucian Gomoescu - Benoit Chachuat: Nested Sampling Approach to Set-membership Estimation

Alexander Schirrer - Tomas Hanis - Martin Klauco - Sebastian Thormann - Martin Hromcik - Stefan M. Jakubek: Safety-extended Explicit MPC for Autonomous Truck Platooning on Varying Road Conditions  

Sakthi Thangavel - Radoslav Paulen - Sebastian Engell: Dual multi-stage NMPC using sigma point principles

Carlos Eduardo Valero - Mario Eduardo Villanueva - Boris Houska - Radoslav Paulen: Set-Based State Estimation: A Polytopic Approach

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