Workshop Venue - ShanghaiTech University

Address: SIST Building, ShanghaiTech University, Zhangjiang Campus, 393 Middle Huaxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201210, China.

The campus of ShanghaiTech University as seen from its iconic tower (March, 2017, wikipedia).

Conveniently located in Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Park of CAS in Zhangjiang InnoPark (Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park), ShanghaiTech is in the vicinity of several national research institutes and large scientific facilities, such as CAS Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, National Center for Protein Science - Shanghai, New Drug Research Platform of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Shanghai Engineering Center for Microsatellites, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, and close to industries and venture funds within the Zhangjiang InnoPark, see ShanghaiTech homepage.

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Workshop Location at ShanghaiTech Univeristy

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Map of ShanghaiTech