R. Paulen, M. Fikar, Optimal Operation of Batch Membrane Processes, Springer Verlag, 2016, ISBN 978-3-319-20474-1

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The main aims of this monograph are to study dynamic optimization and control of batch diafiltration processes, to explore the existing operation practice, and to provide improved operation based on the optimal control theory.

This monograph is organized as follows. The first part (Chapters 1-3) introduces theory of membrane processes, optimal control, and dynamic optimisation in a way to provide tools which are exploited in the second part for finding of optimal operation of batch diafiltration processes. The theory of membrane processes includes definition of separation problems, derivation of dynamic matematical models of batch membrane processes, and introduction of typical cost specifications. The control theory involves introduction to problems of dynamic optimization mainly from an chemical engineering point of view. It is followed by an explanation of methods (analytical and numerical ones) which can be exploited to treat problems of optimal control of membrane processes.

The second part (Chapters 4-8) then builds upon the theoretical basis and uses it to establish solution to treated problems. It is divided into membrane models with increasing complexity. First, the limiting flux model is treated. The next chapter deals with perfect separation of solutes with arbitrary flux models. A further generalisation is studied when macrosolute is perfectly rejected or if both rejection coefficients are constant. Finally, Chapter 8 discusses the most general model. Each chapter starts with derivation of optimal operation and continues with selected case studies that present various aspects of considered optimal control problems and discuss possible advantages and drawbacks of real implementation of optimal operation of diafiltration processes.