Štrbské Pleso, Slovak Republic, June 6-9, 2017

Basic Information

Scope & Topics

The objective of the conference is to bring together theoretical experts and control systems specialists, to evaluate the new possibilities of techniques, design procedures and instruments in process control projects. Different fields of manufacturing benefit from automation by introducing suitable control strategies and various procedures without relevant modifications on the productive process. Papers for presentation may range from theoretically rigorous research works to industrial applications.


  1. Linear and Non-linear Control System Design
  2. Modelling, Simulation, and Identification of Processes
  3. Process Measurements and Devices
  4. Process Optimisation
  5. Robust and Adaptive Control
  6. Control Education
  7. Intelligent Control Systems
  8. Industrial Automation
  9. Applications and Case Studies
  10. Model Predictive Control
  11. Algorithms and Computing for Control
  12. MATLAB Computing and Toolboxes

International program committee

Chairman: Fikar M. (SK)


  • Baotić, M. (CRO)
  • Bars, R. (HUN)
  • Bolf, N. (CRO)
  • Bonvin, D. (SUI)
  • Gerke, M. (GER)
  • Haber, R. (GER)
  • Heemels, M. (NED)
  • Henrion, D. (FRA)
  • Hulkó, G. (SVK)
  • Hurák, Z. (CZE) member of presidency of the Czechoslovakian IEEE Control Systems chapter
  • Jones, C. (SUI)
  • Kerrigan, E. (UK)
  • Kotta, U. (EST)
  • Kozák, S. (SVK)
  • Krokavec, D. (SVK)
  • Kučera, V. (CZE) member of presidency of the Czechoslovakian IEEE Control Systems chapter
  • Latifi, R. (FRA)
  • Lazar, M. (NED)
  • Löfberg, J. (SWE)
  • Ogonowski, Z. (POL)
  • Olaru, S. (FRA)
  • Petráš, I. (SVK)
  • Quevedo, J. (ESP)
  • Rohaľ-Ilkiv, B. (SVK)
  • Rossiter, A. (UK)
  • Schlegel, M. (CZE)
  • Strmčnik, S. (SLO)
  • Šebek, M. (CZE) member of presidency of the Czechoslovakian IEEE Control Systems chapter
  • Veselý, V. (SVK)
  • Vrančić, D. (SLO)

National organising committee

Chairman: Kvasnica M. (SK)


  • Čirka Ľ. (SK)
  • Fikar M. (SK)
  • Kalmárová A. (SK)
  • Taufer I. (CZ)
  • Vagač S. (SK)